How to Apply

Student Recruitment Guide

Evening Course (Theology·Missiology)



Cultivate capable spiritual leaders who is equipped with studies and spirituality based on Calvinistic Reformed Theology, who can fulfil mission of current times.


After a receiving 3 years of training in a structured theology theories and practice and practice of piety, receives Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and goes to work.


After receiving 2 years of preparing and practicing a structured exposition of sermon, receives a Master of Arts (M.A.).


Practice as minister, license pastor and pastor after processes regulated by the Assembly. (Recipients of M.A. course must complete additional courses.)


Work as pastor, minister, theologist, or as professional missionary in special missionary fields.

Recruitment Courses

Course Department Major Degree No. of Semesters No. of Recruitment
New Students Transfer Students
Master’s degree Department of Theology Theology Master of Divinity (M.Div.) 6 Semesters 25 Few
Missiology Missiology Master of Arts (M.A.M.) 4 Semesters
  • Extra quota (foreign students) – New/ Transfer students can apply
  • Can apply for a research course (2 semesters)

Admission Qualification

Course Content
Master’s degree New student ① Graduate / to be graduate from 4-year domestic/foreign undergraduate school
② Those who are recognized by law as having academic background equivalent to ①
Transfer student ① Those who specialized in similar area with the major
② Those who have received credits recognized in the course
Researcher ① Those who are recognized as capable of performing studies

Screening for Admission

Items Points
Documents Examination 100
Oral Examination (Interview) 100


Number General Graduate School (Th.M.) General Graduate School (Doctor’s degree) Amount Applied
1 Admission Scholarship   Admission fee New or Transfer Students
2 Scholarship for Outstanding Students - 50% of Tuition Fee From 2nd
3 Government institution / External personnel or Scholarship from Association   20% of Tuition Fee From 1st
4 Staff or Family of Staff Scholarship   50% of Tuition Fee From 1st
5 Independent Pastor of Our Denomination Scholarship   25% of Tuition Fee From 2nd
6 Scholarship for Vice Pastors in Our Denomination   20% of Tuition Fee
7 Scholarship for Pastors of Other Denomination   20% of Tuition Fee
8 Missionaries and Family Scholarship   25% of Tuition Fee
9 Scholarship for workers in Institutions of the specialized field   25% of Tuition Fee From 2nd
10 Scholarship for employed Special Graduate School students   25% of Tuition Fee From 1st
11 Scholarship for Graduate from our school   30% of Tuition Fee From 1st
12 Family Scholarship   500,000 From 2nd
13 Special Scholarship   Fixed amount From 1st
14 Seoul Hanyoung Welfare Scholarship   30% of Tuition Fee From 1st
15 Labor worker Scholarship - Fixed amount From 2nd
16 External Scholarship   Fixed amount  
17 Scholarship for graduates from MOU affiliated colleges   25% of Tuition Fee From 2nd